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Why Hum Sum

Our planet is buzzing with activity and good ideas.
This site is dedicated to everyone who is tuning in, adding whatever humanity can for a healthy and harmonious future!

VIDEO: The Hum Sum for the global climate action summit


Thought Leaders, Delegation Entourages, Sector Problem Solvers, Local Eco-Heroes, Industry Experts, NGOs, Schools, Merchants, Artists, Neighborhoods, Households, Small-Medium-Large Sized Businesses...


The Hum Sum - Humanity Adding Solutions. This site is the official community platform for the delegates' Global Climate Action Summit.


To bridge the gap between global climate initiatives and the public's actions, incentives, and perspectives.

Events calendar

Here, everyone can showcase inspiring examples for building healthy environments. From the local product store window displays to green building open house walking tours, celebrate eco-actions, great and small. Promote your restaurant's climate-friendly menu, nonprofit's volunteer day, school's edible garden, office's new recycling system, dog park's model poo composting station, electric car parade, clean water art expo, bike-friendly neighborhood roundtable... Now is the time to build momentum. The world is watching!

Online Forums

Openly discuss real-life home and business eco-challenges and opportunities. Find experts who hold the solutions to barriers sector by sector and region by region. It is important to connect innovators in order to save time, funds, and avoid reinventing the wheel.

eco-Pledge Time & Money to Yourself

Do you ride the bus, recycle, garden, shop for secondhand clothes or antiques? Plan to install solar or drive a hybrid? Input estimates for what you plan to spend in hours and/ or funds on eco-choices during 2019. This site will show growing tallies on a global map by zip code.

Global Eco-Survey

Get started by answering a few questions. Help us find humanity's common ground and let's see where people really are when it comes to personal actions that affect the environment. More sector specific surveys and translated versions will be added over the next few weeks. Your suggestions are welcome!

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Members, you can post your eco-events taking place around the world as models for more communities to follow. Incorporate your ideas, logos, and links into the framework of The Hum Sum website. This is a collaborative effort, orchestrated with many NGOs, businesses, and individuals, which is open to every country and every language. Thanks for shaping this platform and for all that you do!


No Amount is Too Small or Too Big

The 501(c)(3) public charity is the parent organization for The Hum Sum. All donors will receive good karma and a Thank you letter receipt! US donors will be able to use the deduction. See The Hum Sum Funds & Transparency Forum. Top-priority budget line items are currently staffing, website security, and server scaling.