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Welcome to Your Eco-Social Media

to Your
Eco-Social Media

The Environmental Community Platform for
Humanity Adding Solutions

The Environmental Community Platform for
Humanity Adding Solutions

The Environmental
Community Platform for
Humanity Adding Solutions


 Why This Matters


Convenience is key if the general public is going shift in the direction of planet-friendly choices.

Collaboration is vital among households, neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, schools, government departments… to include side-by-side and bottom-up solutions.

Consolidation, wherever possible, will save everyone time, energy and money.

Ecology is the study of life in environments. Celebrate how we can all harmonize our efforts!



Browse the galleries of gifts and wishes. See what is available and what people need. Click on + to post a new gift or wish of your own. So many useful items and materials go into the waste stream every day. So many wishes never get heard. Let's sort this out!

Want to donate fibers (hair, fur, wool, fleece...)? Keep scrolling!

Donate hair, fur and fleece clippings for oil spill mats

In partnership with MatterofTrust.org, our platform helps anyone donate waste fiber clippings, such as hair, fur, wool, fleece, feathers, and laundry lint. We use those clippings to create felted mats that soak up oil. Households, salons, pet groomers, and ranchers generously pay to ship boxes of clippings to our nearest satellite cottage industry factory. For more details, see the MatterofTrust.org Clean Wave program. Or to find recipients in need of fiber, simply sign up and click on + Donate a Gift to post your donation (process takes 30 seconds; we never spam or share your info). Together we are helping to keep pollution out of waterways around the world! Thank you!



Events Calendar

Our local-to-global Eco-Events Calendar  conveniently consolidates information for coordinators and attendees and showcases inspiring examples for building healthy environments. From climate summits to green-building, open-house walking tours, celebrate eco-actions, great and small. Promote your restaurant's climate-friendly menu, nonprofit's volunteer day, school's edible garden, airport's new recycling center, neighborhood shop's sale on sustainable products, dog park's model poo composting station, electric car parade, clean water art expo, bike-friendly community roundtable... Let's gather momentum and build on each other's ideas. 


Do you ride the bus, recycle, garden, shop for secondhand clothes or sell antiques? Plan to install solar or drive a hybrid car? Input estimates for how much time and/or money you (or your business, your city...) plan to spend on eco-choices. Our site will show growing tallies on a global map.

Online Forums

Coming Soon! Discuss real-life eco-challenges. Add green incentives for work and home. Connect with innovators from different regions and across sectors. Discover the value of perspectives from every rung of the ladder. Help consolidate environmental news with links back to your sites for program details, research, fundraising, products, etc. Upvote experts with solutions to barriers. Volunteer to moderate this rant-free, troll-free, politics-free zone so that vital collaboration can happen. Humanity has boots on the ground, seats in the boardroom and eyes on the future, so coordination is key!

Think globally, organize locally, impact personally

Join the Hum Sum

The Hum Sum is a platform dedicated to everyone who wants to offer solutions for environmental challenges. Every day we see  humanity buzzing with activity and good ideas for a healthy and harmonious planet!