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What is the hum sum?

A global community platform for networking ecological initiatives
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Celebrating humanity's ability to adapt and find solutions that nourish a healthy planet 

There are so many great environmental initiatives occurring simultaneously all over the world, and vital ideas are getting lost in the shuffle.  This open, free platform is dedicated to being a smart framework for organizing, linking, and consolidating eco-information. Timely and practical progress can be achieved through mutual support, implementation, and collaboration!  


We Believe Humanity needs to come together


Non-profits, Researchers, Educators, Foundations, Government Agencies...


Small-Medium-Large Sized Companies 

everyone with ideas!

Local Eco-Heroes, Industry Experts, Artists, Households and more!

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Members, you can post your eco-events taking place around the world as models for more communities to follow. Incorporate your ideas, logos, and links. This is a collaborative effort, orchestrated with many NGOs, businesses, and individuals, which is open to every country and every language.