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Give away your excess stuff. Wish for what you want.

Clean Wave

Hair, fur, fleece, feathers, laundry lint... for felting into oil spill clean up mats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office & Businesses

Need to set up an office? Check out what others are getting rid of, before you buy.

Home & Dorm

At the end of each school year, dorms throw out a lot that could be donated.

Arts & Crafts

Creative reuse with recycled material. Donate and wish to your heart's content.


Food & Compostables

Post event left-overs. Share your compost with local farms.

Disaster relief & Medical

Giving stuff during  a disaster is only helpful when it's sorted and organized.

Industry & Research

Machinery, left over bricks, old lab equipment... 

Sports & Recreation

Donate an old rowing machine to someone who doesn't know they won't use it either.

Recycling & Scrap

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.


Don't see what you need? Post a wish.