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what is the exchange?

Everyone can post stuff  they want to give  away (gifts) and can make wishes for stuff they need (wishes)!

If you are a mover or provide a service like repairs, you can also use this system to help with delivery and promote reuse.


Finding free stuff

Do you need anything?

01 Search

What do you need?

Type in key words and browse the gifts and wishes repository.

02 Exchange

Contact giver and meet

Donors and Recipients arrange convenient pickups / Drop offs with each other.

03 post a wish

Matching donors & wishers

You didn't find what you need? No problem! Post your need (wish) and we will match you with a donor.

donate your stuff

Do you have something to give away?

01 create a post (free)

What do you have?

Donate any extra stuff you don't need. It's free. Your things will be visible to everyone. Thank you for donating!

02 get matched

View "I want it" request

Anyone can contact you regarding your donation. You can also get matched with a Wisher!

03 Exchange

Contact wisher and meet

Donors and Wishers arrange convenient pickups / Drop offs with each other.