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This is why Blockch...

This is why Blockchain will transform Healthcare  


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28/10/2019 4:12 am  

The healthcare sector in the United States or in many other countries is now a mess. Needless to say, the healthcare sector is looking forward to the Blockchain applications to make a turning point. Specifically, what can Blockchain do to improve the healthcare industry in the digital age?
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01/11/2019 5:51 am  

Hello thetvbytesoft,

Other than providing the link to your site, could you elaborate in the forum why you think blockchain will transform healthcare?

I am also very interested in the consensus algorithm used to decide what to store in the blockchain, and its impact in energy consumption.

What can you add on this?

Do you know of any recommended consensus algorithm that is secure (like in solving the Byzantine General Problem with a high degree of confidence) and is very environmental friendly?