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Everybody can do everything on this site...

As an individual or student you may be most interested in:


- Answering surveys

- Making eco-pledges

- Signing up and promote your work on your profile

- RSVP to Events in the Calendar

- Engaging in forums, questions, answers, comments, votes... 

- Volunteer to be a forum moderator

- Post on the Events Calendar if you like to give tours of eco-buildings, green roofs, community gardens in your area.

- Promote how your activities are eco even when they are not what people consider "eco"  ex. Yoga routines with bamboo mats

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As a small, medium, or large business / department in a business you may want to:

- Post events in the calendar that promote your eco products, policies, systems...  as a model for others to discover.

- Put decal with your logo in your shop window, on your website.

- Post sector questions and answers on forums.




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As a Government or NGO staffer, you may want to:

- Point people to answers and content in your websites, projects and programs... link from your forums and events postings.

- Post events and set up RSVP feature on to manage through your dashboard here, OR you can simply post the URLs to your website's system, MeetUp, EventBright etc.  The goal is convenience and engagement.

- Be sure to let us know if you want to add / edit survey questions and forum categories. is a framework, and is made for you to point visitors away to your sites where the content lives. It is most important that communities are built for long-term benefit where you are.



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As a teacher, professor, researcher, administrator, fundraiser...

- Events such as Edible School Yard Tours

- Halloween Haunted Eeeeeko-House fundraisers

- Eco-Art (recycled materials, Nature subjects, Healthier Future scenarios...) contests... 

- Post, ask and comment on forums connecting research and resources by region, topic and sector

- The events calendar will have ideas for field trips, add your own, connect via private message to similar events and research around the world.




As a restaurant, chef, foodie...

- Have climate friendly menus, promote on the events calendar as an inspiration to others around the world

- Post recipes and share how and why

- Set up a recycling / composting system in your restaurant and share photos of what works best!




As an event planner, fundraiser, hotel / hospitality staffer, transportation provider, real estate location scout, ...

- Check out the I Have / I Need forum for the Summit

- Promote how you are being green or researching how to go green

- Ask about pitfalls to avoid and what really works best by posting on Business forums by sector

- Send us survey questions you would like to see public answers on during the summit... ex. Would you like to see pages on websites dedicated to what a hotel is doing for a healthier future on this planet?


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