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Escape Global Crisis by raising social consciousness and promoting eco-habits  


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07/09/2018 8:21 pm  

Humankind is destroying their own habitat with terrific pace. We propose an educational and motivational project that connect personal choices with global development pathways our environment and planet undergo. The project focuses on personal development that will ensure the sustainable development of our living environment: cities, countries and the planet in general.

Environmental issues are coming on the fore in the media. Natural disasters appear more often in the news headlines as well as global warming or global climate change. Even though ecoactivism is becoming a new trend in society, people mostly don’t link  global natural phenomena with their daily life. Activists are mainly just waring enthusiasts without environmental education. Their work shouldn’t be underestimated, but lacking systematic approach and acting emotional they turn message about environmental issues in another social movement just like hippy or feminism. Environmentalist might be perceived as another subculture by general public. While this is a fearful mistake.

Our mission to contribute to human species survival on our planet by explaining the links and sharing the knowledge.

EcoSanaClub (ESC) is public awareness project with 17 Sustainable development goals (SDGs) of UN in the core. We suggest a systematic media platform that will promote the vital value of personal contribution to reaching global SDGs. It is systematic approach to “think globally act locally” slogan.

We strive to lead  people by our example. We have two semantic focuses: personal development and sustainable development of human habitat of different scale from individual flat to town, country and eventually planet as the whole.

As explorers and natural environmentalists we have tested the theories on our own practice. We advance personal development for environmental stability through family website and blog. Family members share experience from different age, genders and interests perspectives. This resource is about showing that sustainable development is not only responsibility of politicians, but everyone's daily choices.

The second thematic focus is development of our living environment in a way that secure our survival on the planet. How develop urban territories in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our habitat?

Having a vast years of experience in realty and green building, my team and I came to EcoSanaClub formula long before 17 SDGs appeared. We’ve named three vital for human favorable existence aspects in words clear for every nation. “Eco” characterizes the quality of anthropogenic and natural habitat, ecology and economics (we see inseparable unity of these categories and call this twofold essence ECOLOGY). "Sana" is for the human health with respect of appropriate habitat, as well as healthy lifestyle. "Club" implies positive, friendly and healthy relationships in communities at all levels.

EcoSanaClub website is second part of our web-portal. It is international resource where citizens, local authorities, business and other stakeholders will connect and find their ways to contribute to our children healthy future. The case study for this approach is “Pushkin as an ecocity model for Russia”.