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Event Materials: Summary Video.  


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13/06/2018 3:27 am  

We are planning our IV Environmental Conference for November 15 and 16, to be held in San Diego (NOV 15) and Tijuana (NOV 16). This opens an opportunity to present a summary of what occurred at the Global Action Summit to our binational San Diego-Tijuana Environmental Communities. Please let us know if you can provide a video with a summary of the topics engaged and conclusions during the Summit. Thank you!

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13/06/2018 8:31 am  

Am Lonyang  a kenyan aged 23 and have registered ngo called youthgogreen, i was requesting if i can get funding for 2 people to attend the environmental conference in nov. funding includes, accomodation and tickets. i will really appreciate if i would get the funding, it will be of great impact to kenyan youth since i will get alot of information. looking forward to your reply.

Thank you