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Kia Ora!

I have recently started up a community-based company, Enzed Share in New Zealand to help stop waste plastic pollution globally. I am sure you are as concerned as I am with our environmental issues. Let’s join me in this community for a better environment.

We’ve all seen the plastic pollution images. Plastic in the stomachs of seabirds. Plastic on beaches. Plastic in the landfill. Plastic wrapped needlessly on vegetables. Everywhere you look, plastic.

That’s our present, but it doesn’t have to be our future. Together, we can change this. Together, we can start our journey as a community with Enzed Share for a global action plan to end plastic pollution. Sign up here.


Enzed Share solution to the plastics crisis - and its community power. This month, we had a huge task ahead of us to get as many awareness as possible when we will announce to offer free technology which clean up plastic waste to Government, Councils, Ministries globally to provide the energy needed for Blockchain mining.

We turn waste to digital wealth which will be used for faster adoption and implementation of Green Technology globally while rewarding half the daily mining profits back to our community.

We can stop plastic pollution, together we can turn this around.

Thousands of us have come together to create a community action plan to end plastic pollution. You can read it on our website but here are the highlights.

  • The Raising Problem of Plastic Waste
  • We recover economic value from waste while reducing the carbon footprint from our environment.
  • Waste to Wealth



We end plastic pollution - it just needs a strong community support. That’s where we can come in. Let’s make this a priority for our environment.


Thank you

Nga Mihi: Kind Regards,


Sperry Kong


Enzedshare Limited

Syngas NZ Limited


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