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Comparing the Mauritius Oil Spill and the BP Oil Spill — Recovery Methods  


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19/08/2020 4:56 pm  

BP Oil Spill has shown that some methods may be detrimental to the environment. For example, burning oil was one of the methods used, and it is not possible to be implemented in Mauritius due to environmental and safety concerns. Our goal is to be able to return Mauritius to its normal state as soon as possible with efficiency, safety and the least disturbance to the environment. Therefore, some of the other solutions are ruled out. 


The safest and quickest method that can be proposed is a mix of booms, skimmers, and natural sorbents. Booms will be able to gather up oil effectively in the desired location. Then, skimmers can be deployed to “vacuum” up the majority of the oil and separate the oil from the water. Lastly, natural sorbents are placed in booms to collect the remaining oil left that is gathered on the surface of the water. 


This solution takes into account efficiency, safety, and effectiveness. It will not introduce any new organism to an environment. In comparison to other solutions, it is quick to be deployed. The ability to clean up large gatherings of oil is optimized when using the skimmer. And the ability to clean up smaller gatherings of oil is optimized when using natural sorbents assembled in booms. As seen from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, we must account for many factors to return Mauritius to its original state, and this solution has done so.