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[Solved] Air pollution / Traffic Congestion  



For years, I have been grappling with how to make a meaningful change to air pollution in our cities.  Previous attempts have been politically unpopular as certain segments of society have felt unfairly singled out.  The solution that I have arrived at is to bring dynamic pricing to air pollution and traffic congestion as seen in this video.   I am trying to find the best balance of market solutions and actionable data without forcing specific solutions on people such as we have seen here in Europe with "diesel gate".  What do people think of this solution?

Agree with you! There needs to be a balance between the free market, actionable data, and I’ll even add, public policy. While much of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions come from industry practices, many air pollutants stem from transportation. It’s important for urban cities to place “traffic-eliminating policies” (I think Herbert Girardet coined this term), such as expanding public transit capacity.  To expand public transit capacity enough to shift so many people from cars to transit could possibly aid in reducing transportation GHG emissions. 

Check out Girardet’s work! I read his “City, People, Planets” book about urban sustainability, real good stuff! Here’s a somewhat brief exert that highlights the main points girardet talked about in the book,

Oh also, what video are you referring to? Do you mind posting the link, I’d love to check it out!


Sorry, maybe the link did not go through.


Thanks for the info.  I will definitely check it out.


Interesting paper.  Some of it reminded me of this Ted Talk


Kia Ora

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Nga Mihi: Kind regards,

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