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Building a Sustainable city for healthy living  


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05/09/2018 4:04 pm  

«Pushkin - model ecocity (eco-grad) for Russia» project contributes to the sustainable development of the Russian town Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) and the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg.

Our mission is to turn Pushkin into a show-room for the systematic approach to sustainable development of cities for the whole Russia. We’ve found our approach on two documents: 17 SDGs of the UN and 10 Agendas of building resilience city in accordance with the Basque Declaration.

Following our pathway, we will gain a model environmentally friendly city that does not harm, but benefits human health and nature. The city is economically prosperous and reasonably arranged, comfortable for residents and visitors.

Group of activists has been leading this project since 2012. Important outcome is the creation of the Public Council for Sustainable and Favourable  Development of the Pushkinsky District. Valery Vakulenko, the main ideologist of the Ecograd-Pushkin model, an expert in eco-development, is the Chairman of the Council. The Council is the tool to enable discussions between different stakeholders of the city development: administration, business, public organizations, citizens.

Annual Conference on Sustainable and Favourable Development of the Pushkinsky District is a traditional and central event within our framework. During the conference we identify and sum up the actual problems, find effective solutions involving key stakeholders into conversation, motivate citizens to join and contribute to a healthy home town. By the Conferences we address our two major tasks:  environmental education of the society and launching the conversation between different stakeholders for win-win solutions.


Ecograd model will show society what habitat is necessary to strive for if you want to leave healthy long life and straight away learn how to do it on a case study.

The model and experience of sustainable development of Pushkin will become an example for other Russian cities. Since Russia is one-eighth of the land, the path its’ development has a significant impact on the global development. To secure SGDs we need a paradigm shift in many areas, partly an urban development. Alteration of consciousness is easier to introduce not in theory, but in practice. We believe that having a practical model of a sustainable Russian city, a change of consciousness will occur faster and more efficient. Pushkin was historically founded** as a implementation point of best practices. The town has necessary conditions (engaged civil society, mainly low-rise buildings, transport accessibility, large tourist flow, proximity of Europe) for the most efficient and rapid foundation of a model ecograd.

It is vital for our well-being that people gain an idea of ​​a prosperous urban environment in mind, since destruction is coming from our thoughts.

* The Basque Declaration is a navigation document for creating sustainable and resilient cities. It absorbed local features of EU territories along with global goals of the UN and the Paris Climate Agreement of 2016. The Declaration has a special meaning to Pushkin as a guidance for the implementation of the Aalborg Charter obligations, which the city of Pushkin took over in 1998.

** Pushkin is a historical test-site for new approaches in the urban development since the tsarist times. The first railroad in Russia, a triumphal arch from permanent materials, a metal bridge, approbation of spring and river water pipelines, a cable telegraph line appeared exactly in Tsarskoye Selo. The first bicycle society in Russia appeared in 1883 here as well. Tsarskoe Selo was the first city in Europe to have not only electric light, but also an exemplary water supply and sewage system.