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Helping Native Bees  


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31/08/2018 11:18 pm  

I'm working on some 'Bee Hotels' for my backyard to assist native, solitary bees (non-honeybee).

Looking at the organization called Crown Bees as a source of information, and it also seems like a good hub for building knowledge about local bees, which can then help with local agriculture & farming.

Do you have knowledge about other ways to help local bees?

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15/09/2018 12:38 am  

That’s awesome! I also help maintain apiaries at my school!   Check out this link for a list of what you can do to continue your support for bees:

also Xerces Society is a great organization that has a lot of information on invertebrates, including bees! Their “Get Invovled” section on their website also provides super great opportunities, including citizen science programs! Definitely recommend checking them out too!