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Food Leftovers - Event  


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30/07/2018 10:45 pm  

Any food leftovers? Remember to donate them to Food Runners so they can go to those that need them instead of being thrown away!

It's ok if you are unsure if there will be leftover food. Contact Food Runners in advance anyway so they can get prepared to pick up the food.

Here is some information to contact Food Runners:

-you can call Nancy Hahn: 415.608.0114 

-or send her an email:

-or go to this website, package the food and fill out the online donation form 

To facilitate pick ups, here is the information needed:

-event date

-event location

-time the food will be packed and ready for transport (Food Runners does not supply containers or pack the food)

-number of attendees expected

-on sight name and contact number


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