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[Sticky] Hum Sum General FAQ  


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01/06/2018 7:40 am  

When will officially launch?

We are in the Beta version now and you are welcome to jump in, the water is fine. Early Adopters will get perks for helping us bug test. Please sign up and post your suggestions for edits and improvements.

The Global Climate Action Summit has alerted all Affiliate programs and we have reached out to all Potential Affiliates for Hum Sum Early Adopter status as well.


What is

Matter of Trust, Inc., is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) public charity, established in 1998, and the parent organization for


What is The Hum Sum?

The mission of this inclusive platform is to highlight the many environmental innovations and initiatives developing daily in neighborhoods all over the world. This site is the official Global Climate Action Summit Community Platform. We bridge the gap between global climate initiatives and the public’s actions, incentives, and perspectives.


What is's relationship with the Global Climate Action Summit?

There is an MOU between the United Nations Foundation, the Governor of California's team, the San Francisco Department of the Environment, and Matter of Trust, Inc., confirming that is the official community platform for the Global Climate Action Summit.


What can I do with The Hum Sum?

We provide a platform to:

  • Exchange ideas, research, and innovation on green building, eco-products, eco-systems, eco-manufacturing, recycling, composting, biodegradable products, climate-friendly menu cooking, school’s edible garden.
  • Sector-specific surveys and eco-pledges that will help us see where people really are when it comes to actions that effect the environment.
  • Host event calendars to highlight inspiring examples for building healthy environments. Celebrate eco-actions both great and small on this inclusive and global platform.


Is compliant with the new GDPR rules for the EU?

Yes. Please see our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookies and Safety link.


If I have a Hum Sum website question, comment, suggestion, correction or complaint, where can I post it?

You can post it here on the Feedback Forum.

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28/06/2018 9:06 pm  

More FAQ

We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to email us new questions-

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up—individuals, nonprofits, businesses, sponsors, government, volunteers, researchers, etc.


Do I really have to sign up?

Yep! If you want to post events, interact with members, leave comments... we collect only just enough of your basic personal information to ensure members are responsible while on the Forums. As we provide a global platform where members are exchanging ideas or research on the platform, our staff needs to be able to contact members when necessary while protecting your privacy.

We've made sign up fast, free and easy.


I have not received my activation email.

Please check your spam/junk mail folder. If you still cannot retrieve your activation email, please contact


I'm having trouble signing up. Can you help?

We apologize for any inconvenience. To be able to solve your problem effectively, please email us and, if possible, include a screenshot or copy/paste the exact error message that you are receiving.  

Our tech support gurus will get back to you as soon as possible.


I forgot my login and/or password.

You're not alone—don't worry.

If you forgot your password, click on "Lost your password?" and follow the instructions to set a new one. If you can't remember your username, you can also use the email you signed up as your login. If you have forgotten both your username and sign up email, please contact us at or call us at 415-242-6041. We are happy to help!  You can also simply sign up again, it's fast, free and easy.


How can I update my account details?

Log in to The Hum Sum, go to the menu “My Dashboard,” and select “My Profile.” Update the fields and click on “Save” changes.


How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, email us your account username and we will remove you from our system.


When will I get my Early Adopter Gold Member status?

All Early Adopters who complete the profile and have a minimum of 5 engagements with are eligible for Gold Member status by July 15th. Also, see the HumSum article:


How can I get involved with The Hum Sum?

As an individual or student you may be most interested in:

- Answering surveys

- Making eco-pledges

- Signing up and promoting your work on your profile

- RSVP to Events in the Calendar

- Engaging in forums, questions, answers, comments, votes...

- Volunteer to be a forum moderator, translator, proofreader

- Post tours on the Events Calendar if you like to be a guide of eco-buildings, green roofs, community gardens in your area.

- Promote how your activities are eco even when they are not what people consider "eco."  For example, Yoga routines with bamboo mats.


What is the Eco-pledge all about?

The Eco-pledge is ready now. Navigate to the tab Global Community and select Global Eco-Pledges.

Do you do your part in many small eco-ways that add up? You can inspire others to do the same! If you ride the bus, recycle, garden, shop for secondhand clothes or antiques, plan to install a solar or drive a hybrid...

This site will show growing pledge tallies on a global map by zip code.


What do you do with the data you collect on the Eco-Survey?

We will post anonymous survey results to help sectors learn more about eco trends in society.


How can I vote or give thumbs rating for a post on the Forum?

If you navigate to the Forums, and click on a particular post of interest, you will see the up and down arrows. Click on the arrow to give your vote for the post. 


What are the different membership levels The Hum Sum offers?

Member– ID Green Leaf on profile.

Bronze Member – ID by 1-3 Bronze Stars on profile.

Silver Member – ID by 4-5 Silver Stars on profile.

Gold Member – ID by 1-3 Gold Medals on profile.

Platinum Partner – ID by Platinum Trophy on profile.

Diamond Advisory Board – ID by Blue Diamond on profile.

Co-Chairs – ID by Diamond on profile and presence on About Page.


How do I earn these stars or badges on my profile?

Members rise from level to level on this free site by engagement and peer acclaimed topic mastery and/or eco-expertise.

Member – Early adopter: Reply to FORUMS, start a new topic, ask, answer, comment on questions, report abuse*, star valuable posts and other members.

Bronze Member - Minimum of 3** engagements or votes from unique members.

Silver Member - Minimum of 25** points from unique members. Eligible for mod bonus points and Highlighted Pledges, Events & Forums.

Gold Member - Minimum of 100** points from unique members. Volunteers (entry-level early adopters for site testers, proofreaders, mods, customer service, The Hum Sum heroes, and translators), eligible for Press Releases on News & Updates page, and The Hum Sum social media.

Platinum Partner - Minimum of 1,000** points from unique members, or peer acclaim in subject matter and eco-expertise. Platinum partners will be searched most by media and GCAS. Eligible to recommend other members to mods for bonus points and add weight to the Platinum Partner Nomination forum posts.

Diamond Advisory Board - Minimum of 10,000** points from unique members or appointed by Co-Chairs. Can debate budget, vote on the administrative challenges, and highlight opportunities that may arise for website and program.

** Amounts may need to be adjusted according to membership activity. All existing members will be grandfathered in at current levels.


How can I be a Volunteer at The Hum Sum?

If you would like to Volunteer as a Hum Sum Hero we provide excellent Letters of Recommendation for College and Job Applications. You can be a Proofreader by reviewing The Hum Sum main pages, Translators for double checking Google Translate and adding vital corrections posts to our International Forum. Customer Service will be replying to emails, calls, and adding to our FAQ Forum. Zero-Waste Flash Mobbers are recyclers, artists and coordinators who want to have (3/4 of the way through events) dancers with proper bins buzz through crowds to musical fanfare making all participants zero-waste for 2 minutes. After which the events return to normal.


How can I sign up to be a Hum Sum volunteer / Summer Intern?

You can write to us at  


Can I be a Volunteer Moderator at The Hum Sum Forum?

Yes, you can! Please read this:


How can I know my activity level on The Hum Sum website?

After login, go to the menu “My Dashboard,” select “My Profile,” and click on the tab “Activity.” You can see your engagement with The Hum Sum: received likes, liked, posts, comments, topics, questions, answers, and ratings.


Is private messaging to group members allowed?

Yes! But you can write to a member only after you have engaged with The Hum Sum Forum by posting at least 3 times. And any reports of abuse on messaging will result in removal of messaging privileges.


Where do my donation and funds to The Hum Sum go?

Check out our Forum with donation totals and monthly expenses.


How can I create an Eco-Event?

There are 2 ways:

Log in to, go to the menu:

"Global Community," select "Events Calendar" and click on "New Event"


“My Dashboard,” select “My Events,” and click on “Add new Event.”


Where can I post a press release for my event?

We have a members' Press Release forum where everyone can browse, post press releases or events, and add votes. We are scouting for events to cycle through the News & Updates page.


Why is my Event pink and I am unable to Submit my post?

Start from the top of the pink area and field by field until the pink disappears.


Why am I getting a Non Authorized error when I try to hit Submit?

Do the math problem and enter the answer in the field provided.


Can I add a new topic to the Forums “FAQ”?

You can add a topic by clicking on the “Add topic” button in the FAQ section under The Hum Sum housekeeping.


How do I subscribe or receive notifications on the FAQ Forums?

Click on the message icon located below the FAQ section. A notification will be sent to your email. Check your inbox and click on the subscribe link and you will be notified of all the messages.


How do I unsubscribe from a forum or topic?

Click on the message icon 'Unsubscribe' located below the forum or topic title. You will stop receiving notifications for that forum or topic.


Do you have a Youth Forum?

Yes, we do. After you log in, navigate to the Forums and scroll down to the section Youth Forum. This forum is for members under 18 years. You can contribute to knowledge sharing with other members here.


Where can I report any issue or abuse?

There is a link on every post on the Forum for “Report issue or abuse.”

We want people to feel safe when they use The Hum Sum. You can report abuse or spam and write a note and the Administrator will be notified and action will be taken. The abuser account will not know of your report. You can also email us at

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16/09/2018 8:59 pm  

I'd like to add a picture to my profile.

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17/09/2018 3:48 pm  

Hello, Culver   

After you login into the Hum Sum, go to My DashBoard-->select My Profile from the menu. In the My Profile tab from the second, scroll down to the section Avatar. Click on the button Choose File and upload a picture. Click on the Save Changes button in the bottom of the page. You should be able to see the profile picture now. Let us know if you face any issues.

Thank you,

Hum Sum


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17/09/2018 5:57 pm  

It turns out that an avatar is a picture or graphic you use to identify yourself.

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29/08/2019 10:40 pm  

Nice article, but i already seen it here

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30/09/2019 3:25 pm  

Help, it won't let me donate! I press the post or draft button and it doesn't do anything! Please help!