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[Sticky] Press Release: Hum Sum Volunteers Welcome  


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08/06/2018 2:51 am


Hello Hum Sum-ers!

If you would like to VOLUNTEER we provide wonderful Letters of Recommendation for College and Job Applications. We are seeking Site Testers on PCs, Macs phones, tablets, Windows, Linux, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE,  old and new. Proofreaders for main pages and Translators for double checking Google Translate and adding vital corrections posts to our International Forum.

Mods: forum moderators will be in charge of scanning for topic masters, excellent posts for bonus stars, misplaced and inappropriate posts. Customer Service – Hum Sum Heroes will be replying to emails, calls and adding to our FAQ Forum. Zero-Waste Flash Mobbers are recyclers, artists & coordinators who want to have (3/4 of the way through events) dancers with proper bins buzz through crowds to musical fanfare) making all participants zero-waste for 2 minutes. Then events return to normal.

We will be posting opportunities on the VOLUNTEER FORUM and you are welcome to reach out to the staff via messages in your profile.

Thank Goodness you’re here and Welcome to the team!

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13/06/2018 3:21 am  

Although we are in Tijuana, our organization - Tijuana Innovadora, would like to help in any way possible. Please let us know if we can support the effort from our corner of the world. Thank you!