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Incentive to Innovate  


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06/07/2018 6:18 pm  

Recipient countries of waste suffer environment contamination as a result of processing the dumped waste. Recycling is a good thing to do with or without China's help to the United States and to the other countries that have been affected by the ban. This helps drive momentum in innovation and sustainable waste management locally.

1. TOMRA sorting provides an entire sensor technology that helps in automated sorting in sorting tasks.

2. A report by Recycling Partnership, a public-private partnership that shows the metrics and how collaboration with 3 cities has improved recycling statistics.

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15/09/2018 12:28 am  

Completely agree! Many states and cities have been affected by China’s recycling restrictions, including Oregon. Here’s a brief fact sheet Oregon gov made about recycling market disruptions, even includes what we as recyclers can do (which I copied and pasted below)!

“How can I help?

Recycle right! It’s more important than ever to understand what you can recycle. Your city, county or recycling service provider will inform you of any changes in your curbside collection service. Recycling incorrectly makes recycling more expensive and can turn valuable resources to waste.  Everyone can help by educating themselves about what materials their local recycling programs accept and only putting clean, accepted materials in recycling bins. When in doubt if something is recyclable or not, find out!

Recycling is not the only action you can take. You can conserve more energy and natural resources by buying only what you need and reusing what you have. Reduce, reuse, then recycle!”