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A 'Virtual Wind Tunnel Test' for the WINDSWIMMER?  


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29/04/2019 10:28 pm  

Wind Farm turbines may be part of the answer to the energy crisis. Though, as far as flying wildlife goes, they are slowly decimating bird and bat populations.  They also wreak havoc near residential areas, creating infrasound in high winds..

I believe that the WINDSWIMMER design addresses these concerns with how it is aerodynamically designed. There are many advantages to the oscillating airfoil over spinning blades.  
Now the Windswimmer just needs some actual performance numbers to back it all up.  Perhaps you have the wherewithal to assist me with getting these basic output numbers? 
A CFD rendering is needed.   A 'virtual wind tunnel' test that will be the deciding factor for investing more time into building some actual prototypes.
Thank you for your consideration.
WINDSWIMMER proposal with animations:
STEP and Inventor file link: