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EcoSanaClub to translate SDGs into a language every citizen can understand. Lets highlight how every social activity contributes to higher Goals!  


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07/09/2018 8:29 pm  

Humankind is destroying our own habitat with terrific pace. We cannot stand aside while human survival on the Earth is in danger.

We propose a global educational media project and looking for the support. 

We turm from the way society in general interprets Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Mitigation. It is perceived to be a government and business talks with no real profit to real people life. The level of average citizen’s consciousness is still too low when it comes to his or her influence on overall sustainable development.

We would like to connect global issues of sustainability, development pathways our environment and planet undergo, with personal choices. We firmly believe that sustainable development is not a concept but everyday life. Every person is responsible for the pathway humankind is following.

In our project we translate SDGs into an everyday life language. We promote sustainable knowledge and habits. Our task to help individuals don’t be scared by the problem scale and understand clearly what they should do. We strive to rise a level of consciousness in our society.

Our project is based on three levels of responsibility and influence each and everyone has: personal development, business activities and developing a healthy habitat around. We are building a community of people, organisations, businesses that care and act to make a difference.

The tip of our iceberg is global web-portal that accumulate expert and individual opinion and cases that help in building sustainable habitat. It presents activists actions in general system with 17SDGs and the Basque Declaration in the core. We link actions with goals they are addressing. By sharing best practices in different communities, all together we build a navigator thought existing approaches to reaching SD.

We strive to lead  people by our example. As explorers and natural environmentalists Vakulenko family test theories on their own practice. We advance personal development for environmental stability through family website and blog. This resource is about showing that sustainable development is not only responsibility of politicians, but everyone's daily choices. We address the global scope at ESC web-portal and case study of building a model ecocity on town Tharskoe Selo example.

We would be glad to see you joining to EcoSanaClub network as expert or just participant.