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My beef with Beef and why I am cheesed with cheese  



I came across this article about meat and dairy cattle and how much GHGs they produce:

And then I saw this:

Now that the data is out there (even if incorrect), what is a better way to talk about it? No one wants to hear about how their food intake is killing the planet. How can this be made more "palatable"?




Hi Anya,

I asked myself the same question and my choice is to celebrate and promote plant based menus instead of criticizing other people's choices as destructive. I host a monthly vegan supper club in my house where I invite vegan and non vegan friends. I was a meat eater just until 2012 and about a year ago I turned vegan along with my husband after watching What a Health and Fork Over Knives.

For me it is too painful to discuss the issue even with close friends as most of individuals are senseless to the fate of the 56 billion land animals slaughtered every year for food consumption in the world (1/5 of that being in the US) and also ignore the massive environmental degradation caused by animal agriculture. If they are oblivious to what science, the UN reports and trustworthy media sources are publishing, who am I to say anything?

What I really wished, more than seeing more people becoming vegan is having the prices of meat, dairy and seafood incorporating the steep environmental cost of their production, so then people would be forced to face the truth behind their uninformed choices.




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