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San Francisco, CA (May 23, 2019) —

As we head into warmer weather leaving rain, snow, classrooms and conference rooms behind, nature is here to welcome us warmly.  A perfect time to announce new features on the network linking global ecological innovations.  As a complement to high level summit climate initiatives, The Hum Sum - Humanity Adding Solutions - targets the answers to be found in the general public. Sustainable manufacturing, pollution reduction, land erosion prevention, education, clean air, water, energy and more.

There are experts with boots on the ground who have practical ideas for improvements in systems and products. This information impacts the environment and needs to be heard, organized and accessible. Using a smart framework for forums and global to local eco-events calendar, the goal is to have key information at your fingertips and encourage collaboration near and far

New to the site is the Free Exchange where anyone can post wishes or gifts for any item or material they want to donate. Convenient sorting turns waste into resources and this free platform creates green logistics and repair jobs while connecting donors and recipients.  To encourage world wide involvement the program tallies the tonnage by zip code.

Sub-national government agencies, businesses, organizations, and individuals can also post commitments for National and International climate conferences to review on TheHumSum.net interactive maps.

There are over 7 billion helpers ready to roll up their sleeves and participate in nurturing a healthy planet. Join today!

Check out TheHumSum.net - Humanity Adding Solutions.