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Enzed Share, the innovative blockchain project based on the concept of environmental protection to turn waste into wealth

Enzed Share is a revolutionary new blockchain project that is based on the concept of saving the environment from one of the major threats of our times that is, plastic a non-biodegradable waste material. It has developed a sustainable green business model backed by plastic waste on the blockchain technology. They have created the SNZ PTF system, a patented, innovative and proprietary process to convert plastic waste into renewable energy namely Ultra Low Sulphur High Cetane Diesel Oil. Once this project is implemented fully, it may contribute majorly towards managing the constantly growing problem of plastic waste around the world.

According to a study, there could be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish by 2050. Every other day, there are instances of both land and marine life being affected due to excessive plastic waste that is disposed irresponsibly on landfills and water sources. This is why Enzed share Limited has developed this community blockchain mining infrastructure to offer growth, acceleration, and adoption of green technologies globally. Their technology will not only eliminate the reliance on commercial energy suppliers but also leave less carbon footprint due to its ability to address plastic waste pollution by turning it with little or no economic value to the creation of digital currency.

In the first phase of its development, Enzed Share has partnered with Green Technology Syngas NZ Limited which will offer the technology to clean plastic waste through their patented technology and Genius Gateway Ltd, who will offer the blockchain technology for making it a sustainable business model. Enzed share is an avid believer that “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors but Borrow It from Our Children” and with their game-changing technology they have the potential to save the environment from the damage caused by us, humans.

Enzed Share Limited(NZSL) is a joint venture between Syngas NZ Limited (SNZ) and Genius Gateway Ltd trading as TechGenius in New Zealand. While Genius Gateway Ltd has expertise in Blockchain Technology, SNZ is a Green Technology Engineering Research & Design and Manufacturing company focused on Renewable Energy. Their business model can not only tackle the plastic waste issues but the increasing problem of electricity consumption due to blockchain mining as well.

Enzed’s patented PTF system will convert almost all municipal plastic waste into high cetane Ultra Low Sulphur Green Technology Renewable diesel oil. This system can use the plastic waste buried deep in the landfills and the domestic plastic waste into green diesel. While burning plastic produces CO2, which is again harmful to the environment, Enzed’s technology heats the plastic into a molten state and process it into renewable diesel fuel with less than 10ppm Ultra Low Sulphur.

The company will use their in-house generated energy to bring down the cost of blockchain miners and its infrastructure.

The Pre-sale of Enzed Share is now live on their official website and offers their native NZT token at a bonus of 30% in the first month, 20% in the second month and 10% in the third month. Find more information on Enzed Share’s Whitepaper.

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Company: EnZed Share LTD


Website: www.enzedshare.io

Country: New Zealand