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Change Banks, Change Investments, Change the World

A Workshop on Municipal and Personal Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Moving money out of fossil fuels by changing banks and investments is a powerful act that helps signal the end of fossil fuels. In your personal life and in your community, you can align your money with your values.  We will hear stories of successful municipal banking and divestment campaigns, followed by practical information about steps you can take to move your money out of polluting banks and investments.

Come learn how you can stop supporting the fossil fuel industry with your banking and investments. You can take control of your own money and join with others to move the money in your community.


David Peattie, team co-lead of the Indivisible Berkeley Economic Justice team, will moderate the morning session.

Cheryl Davila, a member of the Berkeley City Council and author of two recent climate resolutions, details Berkeley’s climate and banking initiatives.

Alec Connon of 350 Seattle then recounts how community activism moved Seattle to announce a huge divestment from Wells Fargo.

Sandy Emerson of Fossil Free California will show how divestment has worked to create social change.  You will learn how to find clean local banking options and credit cards; and how to take the first steps to remove climate risk from your portfolio.

David Elliston of 350 Silicon Valley will introduce personal divestment. You will learn how to use online tools like FossilFreeFunds.org and CleanPortfolios.com to build your own Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing portfolio.