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Jackson Hole, WY— Nov 8-9, 2018:  The Jackson Hole Global Forum will bring together diverse experts to discuss and compare the current challenges and potential opportunities for U.S. coal communities and similar regions around the world to generate new models of economic growth.

Why Attend?  Wyoming is the nation’s largest producer of coal, the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel, which provides much of the state’s public revenue and jobs.  Efforts are already underway in earnest to expand and diversify the state’s economy.   Wyoming is a microcosm of the larger macro challenges also facing various regions around the world, including in China, Europe, and the American mid-west.  All these regions are striving to generate new sources of growth which reduce carbon emissions and strengthen their economies.

This forum will focus on the particular challenges faced by carbon-intensive areas.  It will help provide the global context, new ideas, new partnerships, and new recommendations for communities, businesses, policymakers and concerned citizens in Wyoming and beyond.

All are welcome and can register to attend here.

WHEN: Thursday, Nov 8, 8:30am – Friday, Nov 9, 3pm.

WHERE: Center for the Arts 8690, 265 S Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

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The Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (www.jhcga.org) is a bipartisan think and do tank focused on scaling climate solutions with an emphasis on global coal communities.

CONTACT: Nathan Wendt, Vice President, Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs, nathan.wendt@jhcga.org