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NEW WEBINAR REGISTRATION PROCESS – SIMPLY SEND EMAIL TO: ocean.based.pk@gmail.com. INCLUDE WHICH SESSION YOU PREFER. THAT’S IT!! Each webinar is 30 minutes long (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes Q&A) describing The Corporate Gigaton Challenge: A New Way To Finance CO2 Reductions.

To reduce and reverse CO2 emissions, it is necessary to impose a cost on those entities or individuals who emit CO2. Many proposals have been suggested, and some have been implemented – broadly known as “cap and trade”, “fee and dividend”, “carbon tax”, “CO2 offsets”, and so on.

Generally these proposals suffer from inherent fundamental flaws, including the following: 1) UNFAIR: within any jurisdiction, entities with high historic emissions pay the same price as entities with low historic emissions; 2) LACK OF UNIFORMITY: the proposals do not easily cross political borders, meaning the responsible entity must deal with a myriad of conflicting policies, rules & regulations, and costs; 3) PRICING FLAWS: in most cases, the price per ton is imposed by regulatory action. 4) LOOPHOLES: different policies in different jurisdictions inevitably will lead to emitters chasing the least onerous jurisdiction – creating ample loopholes which defeat the entire concept; 5) POLITICIZED: depending on political jurisdiction, the terms may be structured to deliver political benefits, partly limiting the environmental benefits; 6) RECORD-KEEPING NIGHTMARE: sophisticated cross-border record-keeping is needed to avoid double-counting; 6) CONTRACTUALLY INDIRECT, INEFFICIENT: the proposals involve contractual separation of suppliers from buyers, with many intermediaries, and excessive administrative cost.

A better approach is The Corporate Gigaton Challenge. This is a subscription program whereby the emitter directly contracts with entities offering CO2 removal services. The cost is paid in equity rather than a cash outlay. This provides ownership in the CO2 emitting entity by the CO2 removal entity. The price per ton of CO2 removed is determined by the volume of CO2 emitted annually by the emitter, with a target to remove 100% of cumulative emissions within a time window – initially set at 15 years, but subject to negotiation between the emitter and the CO2 removal service. Since the subscription cost is paid in equity (common stock) as determined by the market price, this mechanism rectifies the emitter’s CO2 emissions with its enterprise market value. As a direct negotiated transaction, the emitter pays (in ownership) according to its CO2 emissions and its ongoing enterprise value, rather than paying an imposed price which does not reflect the emitter’s “carbon footprint” nor its value to the global economy.

The Corporate Gigaton Challenge thus is: fair, uniform, equitably priced, without loopholes, borderless, less susceptible to political influence, simple recordkeeping, and contractually efficient.

The webinar speaker is Philip W. Kithil, CEO of Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc., who has conceived and is implementing The Corporate Gigaton Challenge. Mr. Kithil (BA/MSBA Economics) is a serial entrepreneur thirteen issued patents in his previous automotive safety technologies company sold in 2004. The webinars will be offered at the following times or by special arrangement (see http://www.ocean-based.com/registration-for-webinar/).

Wed Sept 5: 0830PDT  10:30PDT   12:30PDT   1430PDT   16:30PDT

Monday Sept 10 10: 0830 PDT10:30 PDT12:30 PDT1430 PDT16:30 PDT

Tuesday Sept 11 11: 0830 PDT10:30 PDT12:30 PDT14:30 PDT16:30 PDT

Wednesday Sept 12 12: 0830 PDT10:30 PDT12:30 PDT14:30 PDT16:30 PDT