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The California Department of Conservation and UC Davis will hold a day-long symposium on September 10, 2018 on the campus of UC Davis at the Mondavi Center. For more go to: https://globalclimateactionsummit.ucdavis.edu/

The symposium “Managing Lands in a Changing Climate to Improve Agricultural Resilience, Food Security and Health” has four goals:

  1. Share models of success that emphasize integrated approaches to inspire innovation and action.
  2. Identify innovative strategies and actions that have the greatest promise to promote agricultural resilience, food security, and health in a changing climate.
  3. Connect with fellow symposium participants in support of deepening and expanding networks, inspiring creative thinking and pioneering partnerships.
  4. Inspire commitments to creating change through managing land and resource use in innovative ways, with a long-term view to sustaining ecosystem and agricultural services as well as population and planetary health outcomes.

The Symposium addresses issues related to the key Summit themes of land stewardship and sustainable communities. Click here to register for the event, submit an abstract for a poster or lightning talk, or learn more about the day.