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“Rise and fall of a nation rests with every one of its citizens.” –Chinese Proverb

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” –Nina Simone

“We stand because we must protect our children and grandchildren.” –Ladonna Brave Bull Allard

“Given the magnitude of the task, everyone has to step up their game.” –Bill McKibben

We stand for climate, jobs and justice when we:

Divest from Wall Street’s private, for-profit mega banks that leverage our deposits to finance and profit from fossil fuel extraction, private prisons, weapons and war.

Divest from mutual funds that profit from destructive industries, and invest in funds that reflect your values.

Invest in community banks and not-for-profit credit unions that regenerate local economies and communities.

Create municipal and regional public banks that exist for the common good, are depositories of public funds, operate at much lower cost, finance public projects at lower rates, and plow earnings back into the local ecosystem in a virtuous cycle.

Join us for information and inspiration about divestment as a moral and fiduciary duty and public banking as a public utility and funding solution for urgent needs. With these two tangible tools, we will “change finance to finance change”. Speakers include:

Jodie Evans Co-founder of CODEPINK on Divest from War

Jeralyn Moran Green Team, Unitarian Universalists Church of Palo Alto on divestment in faith communities

Gayle McLaughlin Former two-term Mayor of Richmond on the Richmond’s divestment from fossil fuels

Sylvia Chi Attorney and member of the California Public Banking Alliance on the statewide movement for public banking

Jake Tonkel Chair of the Public Banking Action Team of the South Bay Progressive Alliance on the local movement for public banking

Spread the word to friends, family, neighbors, environmental and social justice activists, non-profit organizations, PTAs, faith, labor, small businesses, shops, restaurants, congregations, city and county workers and elected officials.

RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tipping-the-scales-for-climate-jobs-justice-divestment-public-banking-tickets-49357782456.

Hope to see you there,

Divest Palo Alto & CODEPINK

3:30 pm Reception and Tabling
4:00 pm Speakers
5:00 pm Q & A