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For many, climate change provokes urgency, uncertainty, and deep unease; for others, inertia if not indifference. These are the tumultuous inner landscapes of a warming world.
* How might we bring the best of our humanity to the challenge of climate change?
* How might we approach humanity’s greatest challenge as an opportunity?

Join us for this experiential forum to engage in key human questions about a warming world … just before the Global Climate Action Summit commences in SF.

* Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, Co-Author of Drawdown w/ Paul Hawken
* Will Harper, (The Trium Group) Human and Organizational Development Expert
* Deborah Greene, (LiveaMoment) Writer, Tech Innovator, Peacebuilder

Sunday, Sept. 9th 3-6pm (includes cocktail event)
$40 suggested donation / RSVP space limited
Cocktail Gathering: 6pm – 7:30pm / $20 suggested donation

All proceeds go to the exceptional work of Project Drawdown.