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Welcome! Here are the levels, incentives and perspectives for the Hum Sum hierarchy. Members rise from level to level on this free site by engagement and peer-acclaimed topic mastery and/or eco-expertise. Votes and likes count as 1 point each, support the great work going on in the world, build communities, help quality work rise to the top!

Browser - Visit the site, view the calendar and forums. You can anonymously participate in the Global Eco-Survey and 2019 Eco-Pledges.

Member - Sign up and you can post and RSVP to EVENTS. Reply to FORUMS, start a new topic, ask, answer, comment on questions, report abuse*, and vote on posts. ID Green Leaf on profile.

Bronze Member - Minimum of 3** engagements or votes from unique members. ID by 1-3 Bronze Stars on profile.

Silver Member - Minimum of 25** points from unique members. Eligible for mod bonus points and Highlighted Pledges, Events, and Forums. ID by 4-5 Silver Stars on profile.

Gold Member - Minimum of 100** points from unique members. Volunteers (early adopter entry level for site testers, proofreaders, mods, customer service Hum Sum heroes and translators), and also eligible for Press Releases on News & Updates page and The Hum Sum social media. ID by 1-3 Gold Medals on profile.

Platinum Partner - Minimum of 1,000** points from unique members, or peer acclaim in subject matter and eco-expertise. Platinum partners will be searched most by media and GCAS. Eligible to recommend other members to mods for bonus points and add weight to the Platinum Partner Nomination forum posts. ID by Platinum Trophy on profile.

Diamond Advisory Board - Minimum of 10,000** points from unique members or appointed by Co-Chairs. Can debate budget, vote on the administrative challenges and highlight opportunities that may arise for TheHumSum.org website and program. ID by Blue Diamond on profile.

Co-Chairs - In 2018, the 3 members  (NGO, Gov, Tech) of The Hum Sum formed the Executive Committee. ID by Diamond on profile and presence on About Page.

* Reports of abuse or inappropriate activity on TheHumSum.org will get 0-2 warnings depending upon severity and lead to level demotion or removal from the system.

** Amounts may need to be adjusted according to membership activity. All existing members will be grandfathered in at current levels. Notification will be provided on The Hum Sum Updates page.